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Hongluoshan Mountain Scenic Resort

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The Hongluoshan Mountain scenic resort is 7 kilometers far away from eastern Gangtun town, with the total area of 25 square kilometers. The altitude of the main peak is 900.8 meters high. The whole mountain looks like a sector, with the peak as its axis. The peak names the Yuhuang Top, and the top names the Nantianmen Gate. In its south, there is the bluff. It is quite steep on its north slope, with a name of “Up hall of the Dahongluoshan Mountain”. There is a step-stone with 99 steps and a temple down of the Dahongluoshan Mountain. Besides the main peak, tens of braches of hills extend to directions. In the mountain, dense pine trees stand straightly. Numerous stones with unique shapes and steep slope are also famous in this mountain. Moreover, there are wild animals, such as roes, wolves, pheasants, etc, and rich colored metal mineral resources. The south and north of Xiaohongluoshan Mountain are narrow and long, with the altitude of over 700 meters. It has steep slope and dangerous terrain. When the shine of the setting sun scatters all over, the shadow of the Hongluoshan Mountain reflects to the Nv’erhe River. Visitors can see a very beautiful picture then. And therefore, it becomes a famous scenic spot with the name of “the setting sun shines to the Hongluoshan Mountain”. On the top of the mountain, there is the Wanghai Temple and the Longquan Temple. The Longquan fountain spurts out from a cave. Besides, there is the balefire stage relic at the entrance of the mountain, with the height of 10 meters. The relics of the Ming Great Wall are still preserved well.

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How to Get There?
Take a bus to get there at Huludao bus station.

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Opening Hours:
8:30am to 17:00pm.

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Recommended visiting hours: 3 hours.

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