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Jiumenkou Great Wall

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There are two sections of the Great Wall in the Suizhong county. One lies at the southwest boundary of Lijia, Yong’an and Jiabeiyan town, with the total length of 31 kilometers. It was built on the fourteenth year of Hongwu’s reign in the Ming Dynasty, which belongs to the Jiliao Great Wall, the main trunk of the Ming Great Wall. Another one belongs to the Liaodong Great Wall, the branch of the Ming Great Wall. This section of the Great Wall was built on the fifth year of Wanli’s reign in the Ming Dynasty. It starts from the southeast of Zhuizishan Hill to Jinniudong Cave, with the total length of 13 kilometers. The Great Wall was built with stone slabs, and bricks outside. It is 5 meters wide and 10 meters high. There are crenellations or battlements along the outer crest of the city wall and parapets on the top of the city wall. There is a rampart every 250 meters to 500 meters apart, and a sentry building every 500 meters to 1000 meters. Passes were also built at the entrances and valleys.

The Guancheng Wall is consisted of the wall boards, the inner city wall and the sluice gates of the Jiujiang River. The inner wall is 1000 meters in length, and 8 meters in height. The circumvallation is high and tough. The wall was built with bricks. Its width of the top is 5 meters and bottom 6 meters, with the height of 8 meters. There are crenellations or battlements along the outer crest of the city wall and parapets on the top. The military facilities in the Jiumenkou Great Wall are quite integrated. There are 70 meters to 80 meters between two sentry buildings. Within the distance of 2 kilometers, there set 12 sentry buildings, 4 watch towers, 1 rampart, 1 balefire stage and 1 castle. Therefore, Jiumenkou had become the important military place, because of its strict arrangements and toughness. In the late of the Ming Dynasty, Li Zicheng, the leader of rebel forces against the Ming Dynasty fought with the armies of the Qing Dynasty at Jiumenkou.

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How to Get There?
The Jiumenkou Great Wall is 15 kilometers far from Shanhaiguan Pass. There are minibuses from Shanhaiguan to Jiumenkou at the peak season. Visitors can only charter a taxi at the slack season for 30 RMB. Or visitors can take a bus to Suizhou county and get off at Lijiabao station, and then walk to the Jiumenkou Great Wall for about one kilometer. There is only one bus everyday. It starts at 12:00 and back at 6:00 in the next morning.

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8:30am to 17:00pm.

More Tips:
1.The best tourist time for visitors is between May and October. 2.Recommended visiting hours: Three hours.

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