Juhua Island

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Juhua Island is famous for its dense chrysanthemums and its strong smell. Therefore, it called Juhua Island which means the island of chrysanthemums in Chinese. The whole island has the shape of a long calabash, with the area of 13.5 square kilometers and the altitude of 198.12 meters. It is the biggest island among those of in Bohai Bay. On the island, it is higher in south, while lower in north. There are many relics in the island, such as the mysterious Tangwang Cave, Jiuding Stone, Babao colored glaze well, the holy water basin, the Shifo temple, etc.

In the south of the island, there are granites with various shapes. Among them, the spots of “Haihu stone carving” and “granite carving of the sea” are quite famous. Natural rockeries are all over the beach. Although they are natural, they look like to be carved by skillful craftsmen exquisitely. On the Huangdaishi stone, 10 meters above the sea surface, there is a unique and fantastic view. There are natural stone carvings of “Ten-thousand-volume collection book”, “Hundreds of treasure into a small box “, “Dresser”, “The mirror to reflect monsters”, etc.

There are the bodhi trees and the eight-corner well in the island. The bodhi trees are quite rare to be seen in north. The eight-corner well has been preserved well up till now. It is still used by local people. There are also fishermen lived in the island by generations. Visitors can buy fresh sea food and could be processed there at the same time.

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How to Get There?
It takes 15 RMB to get the wharf with the small van, which can afford 5-7 people. At the peak season (usually from June to September), there are regular boats to Juhua Island. The earliest boat will start at about 8 in the morning and then there are boats to the island every one hour, for 40 RMB. One-way ticket is not allowed. The tickets are available out intraday only for the students’ tickets and group tickets.

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Opening Hours:
8am to 5:30pm in summers; 9:30am to 3:30pm in winters.

More Tips:
1.The best time for fishing is from August to the middle of November, almost three and half months. The main fish kinds are mullets, basses, Nibea albifloras, turtles, black fish, small yellow croakers, Ctenogobius giurinus, etc. People can go fishing on boats or on rocks. 2.Recommended visiting hours: Half day

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