Shoushan Mountain

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Shoushan Mountain in Chinese means the people’s heads, because the shapes of the three mountains of Shoushan look like three heads of human being. It stands in the northeast of Xingcheng old city, and is its natural barrier. From the stratagem, Xingcheng city would be occupied soon if lost Shoushan Mountain at the beginning. There still remain the balefire stages which were built in the Ming Dynasty. Shoushan Mountain now has acted as the national forest park.

When cloud and brume circle around Shoushan Mountain, there appears a picture of three heads with cloud hats. It is very charming when mountains appear occasionally with the clouds and brume. In ancient times, people gave Shoushan Mountain a vivid name “three heads with clouds hats”. It now has become one of the eight famous spots in Xingcheng and tops No. one among them.

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8:30am to 17:00pm.

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1.The spots of “three heads with cloud hats”, “waterfalls flow from three heads”, “beautiful rosy clouds and flowers in spring” are all listed into the eight famous scenic spots in Xingcheng city. From far distance, Shoushan looks like a sleeping beauty. Therefore, Shoushan Mountain is quite attractive and mysterious for people to visit. 2.Recommended visiting hours: Half day.

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