Xingcheng Hot Spring

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The area of the hot spring is located at the hot spring street of the north urban area. It is only several kilometers far away from the Xinghai Outdoor Bathing Place. Earlier in the periods of Liao and Jin, the hot spring had already got high reputation. The “Zhishuang

Pavilion” was built near the hot spring in the Ming Dynasty, used as the bathhouse and the rest place for nobles. In the Qing Dynasty, in order to cure kinds of diseases, piscinas were set in the Hotspring Temple for men and women respectively. The water here is very clean, with the temperature of 70℃. The hot spring contains many mineral formations, such as kalium, natrium, calcium, magnesium, sulfur, etc, and a little radioelement radon. Because of its high medical treatment value, the hot spring has obvious curative effect to tens of chronic diseases, such as Rheumatoid arthritis, tummy bug, Kaschin-Beck disease, hypertension, neurasthenic, chronic gynecologic diseases, and the recover of surgical, etc.

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How to Get There?
Get there by taking route 1 bus, for 1 RMB.

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Opening Hours:
9am to 18pm.

More Tips:
1.The winter time in Xingcheng is quite longer. The spring time comes until the late April. Therefore, the best time to Xingcheng city is from the middle May to the late June or from the late August to the early October 2.Recommended visiting hours: The whole day.

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