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Huludao Travel Guide

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Huludao Overview

Huludao city lies in the southwest of Liaoning Province, with city on its east, Shanhaiguan Pass on its west, and Liaodong Bay (East Liaoning Bay) of the Bohai Sea on its south, forming the Bohai Sea economic rim with such cities as Dalian Yingkou, Qingdao, etc. As the first city outside the Shanhaiguan Pass, it is situated at such a key junction that it serves as the west gate of the Northeast.

Huludao city lies at the connecting point of the cities and economic areas of northeast and north China. It is 240 kilometers far from Shenyang city, while 310 kilometers far from Beijing. The Beijing-Shenyang express way, the Beijing-Harbin railway, the Qinhuangdao-Shenyang railway and the state highway traverse the whole city. The total administration area is covered with the whole “Liaoning Corridor”, therefore, it’s named with “the back garden of Beijing” by many experts.

Huludao city is a byland, which extends into the east Liaoning Bay. The name of Huludao in Chinese means the calabash island, because its shape looks like a calabash. The byland faces the Qinhuangdao port to the west, Yinkou port to the east. The Huludao port faces to south, is a wide and deep port. It is a good non-frozen port, with lighter waves in summer and thinner ice in winter.

Historical changes and social development have endowed Huludao a great number of cultural relics, historic spots and natural sights. The world- famous Great Wall bridging water -Jiumenkou Great Wall, "the Second Beidaihe" -Xingcheng, and the relics of Jieshi Palace, an imperial palace for the First Emperor of the Qin Dynasty and Emperor Wu Di of the Han Dynasty on their inspection tours and expeditions to the east which is comparable to the imperial Palace of Beijing and the Great Wall in terms of archaeological values, all exist within Huludao area, and with other nearly 30 natural sights and historic spots by the sea. They form the features of their own described as "time honored sights, historic spots, and fascinating corridor ".

Area code: 0429

Post code: 125000

Administrative Division Outline: Under its jurisdiction, Huludao has Xingcheng city, Suizhong county, Jianchang county, Lianshan district, Longgang district and Nanpiao district.