Huzhou Travel Guide

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Huzhou Overview

Huzhou is one of the birthplaces of the world’s silk culture. The silk fabrics, which were unearthed in the site of Qianshanyang in the suburbs, are one of the most ancient silk fabrics that have been found up to now. It has a history of more than 4700 years. Huzhou silk has not only long been “the best at home”, but also won the good reputation of “Hu silk dressing the world”. The Hu writing brush, which has been classified as the head of the “four treasure of the study” all through the ages, .is also made in Huzhou.

Huzhou is a city with graceful sceneries. It is close to the Taihu Lake in the north and lies at the back of the deep green mountains and bamboo sea of Tianmu in the west. In the urban areas there are high buildings standing in great numbers in fresh style. In the countryside, there are small bridges and flowing currents, forming picturesque sceneries. Huzhou is city with civilized citizens, tidy environment and good order. Over the past few years, it has won the title of “National Model City for Mutual Support between the Civilian and the Arm Forces”, etc. Huzhou is now making great strides forward the objective of becoming a modernized medium-sized city, which is more prosperous in economy, more civilized in society, more complete in function and more graceful in environment.

Huzhou City

Huzhou City

Huzhou is an important open city in the area of the Yangtze River Delta and one of the fourteen key cities fixed by the State Department to join Pudong in the project of “being first planned and developed”. Since the reform and opening up, the economy of the city has developed rapidly, consistently, and healthily. The agriculture, industry, traffic, post and communications, commerce, finance and science and technology, etc, have all flourished. All the social undertakings have achieved remarkable results.

The beauty of Huzhou originates from the ten thousand hectares of misty lake water. Water alley, revetment, arched bridge, building overhang, stone lane and wall gate form a picture of graceful and gentle water town in the Yangtze River Delta. The Columbus Taihu Castle is located in Xiaomeishan on the south bank of the ancient Taihu Lake. The whole rice white building complex, which is built along the slope of the mountain, is permeated with thick flavor of the Mediterranean Sea. Paintings, sculpture and work of art are found everywhere in the whole castle. The air is brimming with the scent of culture and arts…