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Sanjiangkou Tourist Zone

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It is the junction of the Songhua River and Heilongjiang. Thus it gains the name of “the mix river”, so people call it “Sanjiangkou”. The Heilong River runs smoothly and magnanimous from the west to the east and the water is greenish black. There are lots of yellow sands in the Songhua River. After converging, the water of the river runs mountains high. With distinct border of the black and yellow water, the water flows to the east for more than five kilometers, which make it a marvelous wonder. The Heilong River and the Songhua River converge in Tongjiang, forming Sanchakou. People used to call it “Sanjiangkou”. After this two river form into one, the flow of water strengthens and the surface of the river broadens. Looking from a distance, the border of the heaven and the surface of the river blurs, backwashes come forth, presenting a majestic and grand view. Standing in the bank of Sanjiangkou and looking around, the islands in the middle of river flickers in our eyes, creating a feeling of illusory.

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first arrive at the city of Tongjiang, four kilometers from the downtown area to the north juncture of rivers.

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(1)Tourist items: the Jie River scenery; yachts (2)People can see sunrise in 2:15 of the Summer Solstice. The area of everglade in Sanjiang totals 200,000 hectares; it is one of the most well-preserved everglade in the world. (3)The best season for coming here is the late summer; you can see the rare wild chrysanthemum in the northland. Also, you can go to the Wusu Town to watch the sunrise.

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