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The Hezhe tourist Zone of Jiejinkou of Jiang City

Last updated by chinatravel at 2016/4/28

Lying in the Sino-Russia frontier, Jiejingkou is a beautiful hamlet in the bank of the Heilong River. It opposites Russia and is a compact community for the Hezhe ethnic group, one of the “six small” nationalities in our big national family. There are picturesque and splendid sceneries, particular natural, humanism and historical tourist resources here. Just like a Hezhen poet wrote:”Jiejingkou, Jiejingsan, peaks encircle three of its side with a bay. It should be an ideal place for fertile lands and talents and it even exceeds little lush southern-type fields in the north of the Great Wall”. It is a place where Hezhe people live in concentrated communities; visitors can walk into the houses of local people and appreciate the special customs of the life of fishing of Hezhe people.

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How to Get There?
just take a bus in the Tongjiang passenger bus station (reture fare is one hundred Yuan of Xiali Bus) Tickets: eight Yuan per adult, six Yuan for group members, four Yuan per child (20 Yuan per person for Coquette Garden)

Ticket Price:

Opening Hours:
May to November

More Tips:
(1)tourist items: Hezhe songs and dances performances; the Hezhe flavor cuisine; sledges hauled by dogs; Sheng’ou Square, Coming back from hunting (2)There is also a forest park. In this park, there is a Hezhe museum that deserved visiting. You can also buy a box that made of the cortex of birches or fish purses (but with a little fishy smell).

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