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Wofo((Lying Buddha) Mountain Ski Resort

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Wuofo Mountain Ski Resort covers an area of 128 hectares and lies at the ancient crater ruins which can date back to 6 or 7 million years ago. It will only take you 2 hours to get there from Harbin by bus. The ski resort is characterized by unique northern region flavor with imposing mountains and endless terrain covered by snow. Wuofo Mountain Ski Resort is relatively large in Heilongjiang province when it comes to scale. However, being different from those resorts which could only have bustling visitors in winter, Wuofo Mountain Ski Resort can attract tourists all year round. They can come here in scorching summer to escape heat and feel exhilaration of skiing in winter. The resort is well-equipped with 4 trails suitable for both novices and experts. Cable, snowmaker, snow motor, snow flying saucer, snow sled and lifts are also available. Coffee house, restaurants bars and music halls are always ready to provide service.

Wuofo Mountain Ski Resort also possesses rich natural resources and tourist sites, such as slates that full of minerals, Rabbit Mountain, Wuofo Mountain, Tortoise Mountain and so on.

Best ski seasons: December, January, February, March

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19 kilometers away from Jiangmusi City.

How to Get There?

Wuofo Mountain Ski Resort lies in the middle of the highway connecting Jiamusi and Harbin. It is 19 kilometers away from Jiamu si city. It will only take you 30 minutes to get the resort from the city. In the meantime, Jiamusi international airport has opened flights to Beijing, Shenzhen, Dalian, and Harbin, Russia and so on. Therefore the resort enjoys a convenient transportation.

Ticket Price:

Skiing: 80 yuan/2hours, 150 yuan/4 hours, 180 yuan/the whole day
Snow motor: 100yuan/10 minutes
Snow circle: 5yuan/ a time
Cable 20yuan/a time
Plow on ice: 10yuan/ per hour
Snow sled driven by horses: 10yuan/time
Coach guidance: 190/8 hours, 120yuan/4 hours, 80 yuan/2 hours

Note: prices are for reference only.

Opening Hours:


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