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Jiamusi Travel Guide

Last updated by fabiowzgogo at 2015/11/30

Jiamusi Overview

Jiamusi is the third largest city in Heilongjiang province, only after Harbin and Qiqihar. “Sanjiangkou” represents the tourist resources in Jiamusi, which is famous for its various splendid sceneries. The water of the river runs mountains high. With distinct border of the black and yellow water, the water flows to the east for more than five kilometers, which make it a marvelous wonder. Jiejinkou is close to mountains and rivers, so the sceneries here are extremely charming. Diaoyutai lies in the bank of the river, the blue waves in Heilongjiang stretches five hundred kilometers with several fishing boats shuttling in it. In winter, the boundless icy and snowy heaven in Sanjiang Plain provides visitors activities, such as hunting and skiing. In summer, the golden sea of wheat glitters, the flowers of rice is aromatic; the peaks raise one after another, the rivers cross one another. Jiamusi has 32,700 square kilometers with a population of 2,450,000.

Area Code: 0454

Zip Code: 154000

Administrative Division: Qianjin District; Yonghong District; Dongfeng District; Suburbs ; Tongjiang City; Fujin City; Huanan County; Huachuan County; Tangyuan County; Fuyuan County.

Tips for the Travel in Jiamusi

(1) Pay attention to preventing freezing and keeping warm. Be aware of the heat preservation of your camera.

(2) You can experience the fishing life of the Wusuli River in Jiamusi. Autumn is the catching season for dog salmon in the Wusuli River.