Jiamusi Transport

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Air Transport

The Jiamusi Airport provides domestic and overseas airliners destined for Beijing , Harbin , and Khabarovsk in Russia, etc. What’s more, the large-scale international airport is under construction. There are flights from Jiamusi to Beijing each Wednesday and Saturday, they take off at 10:20, and arrive at Beijing at 12:05; Each Wednesday and Saturday, there are also flights from Beijing to Jiamusi, which take off at 7:50 and arrive at 9:40. Besides, each Wednesday and Saturday, the flights from Jiamusi to Khabarovsk take off at 11:30 and arrive at 12:40; the flights from Khabarovsk to Jiamusi are also scheduled in each Wednesday and Saturday, they take off at 9:00 and arrive at 10:10.

Jiamusi Eastern Suburb Airport: 13 kilometers from the railway bridge of the Songari River

Civil Aviation Information: 8314927

Railway Transport

There are four main railway stems, namely, Hajia, Jiahe, Mujia, Jiafu in jiamusi, they stretch to various areas of China.

Railway station: Peace Road of Jiamusi

Information telephone of the railway station: 8140010, 8140115


There are two national highways in the territory of Jiamusi, namely, 201 National Highway (Hegang- Dalian ) and 221 National Highway ( Harbin -Tongjiang). Among the two national highways, 221 National Highway has built freeways from the section of Harbin to Jiamusi and advanced highways from the section of Jiamusi to Tongjiang.

Jiamusi Coach Station: NO.146 Zhanqian Road

Information telephone: 8225075

City Transportation


The starting price is five Yuan


Providing more than twenty bus lines, one Yuan per person


From the section of Harbin to Jiamusi in the Songari River, each summer, there are passenger liners for transporting.

Jiamusi Shipping Service Company: NO.10, Peace Street, Jiamusi; 0454-6107772

Information Telephone: 0454-8315620

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