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Didu Hot Spring

Last updated by chinatravel at 2016/4/21

The natural gardens cover an area of more than 2.000.000 square kilometers. And Didu hot spring gardens cover an area of 150.000 square meters with high mountains and green trees, fresh air and beautiful landscape. There are over 80 plunge bathes of hot spring whose design merging with Chinese traditional culture and local culture. There is the biggest fall group of hot spring, stage of hot spring, plunge bath of hot spring and landscape cultural hot spring in the world, whose characteristics are to strengthen health among the world biggest hot spring gardens, to cultivate your health in the natural environment, to realize health in the united tradition- modern health culture, and to really gain relaxed in the water-skiing of hot spring which has magical curative effect, to renew your energy in the balanced ecology and to enjoy your health.    

The theme of Didu Hot Spring is well-being. The bath area of hot spring can accept 6.000 people at the same time to go swimming, do body-building, physical therapy, massage, and lie fallow and so on. Feige Food Mansion can accept 1.000 people to have dinner, and the meeting room can hold 500 people, and the guest house of Yushu Palace and Fengchi Palace can hold almost 600 people to put up. Therefore, Didu Hot Space is a best green scenic spot for you to recreate, make a holiday, and hold a meet and study.

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How to Get There?
A: You can take a public bus at Fangcun Bus Station of Guangzhou to Enping Bus Station and Didu Hot Spring. B: you can take a bus directly to Didu Hot Spring at Weiwei Travel Agency, Western District Avenue, and Jiangmen City. C: You can take a bus at Enping Bus Station to Didu Hot Spring.

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Opening Hours:
From 8:00am to 24:00pm

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Recommending Tourism Time Three or four days

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