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Jinshan Hot Spring

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Jinshan Hot Spring is a 4A national holiday resort and is also a fairyland of hot spring among the Top Eight Scenic Spot. It is located in south suburb of Naji Township which is 22 kilometers to Enping City. It is famous for natural hot springs. The natural temperature is above 80 centigrade all the year around. There are more than 300 hot springs in the open air with 2000-stere daily flux. According to the research of experts, the hot water contains some wholesome minerals and microelements like metasilicic acid, lithium, cuprum, cobalt, niton and sulfur. They are all good substances to cure skin disease, relieve tiredness and kill rheumatism, angiocardiopathy, and neurasthenia, cold and so on. Especially, it has a high curative effect on the adiposity of noble disease.  Jinshan Hot Spring is the top among other hot springs on water quality, water temperature and the volume of hot water. Therefore, Jinshan Hot Spring is usually famed as number 2 in the world. The hot water swarms out day and night, benign gases spill out of the mouths at dawn and dusk too. The marvelous spectacle attracts many tourists.

Jinshan Hot Spring Holiday Resort owns beautiful environment, grand layout and elegant design. It covers almost 800 mu. The service establishments had been successfully built and put into use such as Natural Hot Spring Scenic Spot, Hot Spring Holiday Ginshop, Hot Spring Garden, Mengquan Mountain Villa, Longquan Mountain Villa, the Top Luxury House, Yuquan Mountain Villa, and Jinshan International Conference Center and so on. They can offer luxury guest room, Chinese and western food, keeping fit physical therapy, song and dance entertainment, conference reception, field operation drilling , some sports like golf and such multifunctional services to tourists

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How to Get There?
You can take a bus at Enping Bus Station to Dahuai Township. If diver a car, you can start off from Guangzhou and then drive along Guanzhan National Highway and pass through Foshan, Shunde, Nanhai, Heshan, Kaiping. After two-hour drive you can reach Enping City. Then from here you drive to the southwest for about 25 kilometers you can get to the scenic spot.

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Opening Hours:
8:00am to 24:00pm

More Tips:
1.Recommending Tourism Time:Three or four days 2.Jinshan Hot Spring Holiday Resort is about 200 Kilometers away from Guangzhou. You can diver along Kaiyang Expressway and turn to Jinshan Hot Spring when you drive 12 kilometers from Enping entrance. If with your parents or friends, you can choose to live in the villa where offer convenient interconnected rooms and delicious food such as Zoudi Chicken and Shankeng Fish.

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