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Liyuan Garden

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 The Garden of Overseas Chinese is a glowing bright pearl. Its unique architectural art style was praised as highly original among Chinese gardens. Nowadays, it is a 4A scenic spot. Liyuan Chunxiao is one of the Top Eight Scenic Spots in the Hometown of overseas Chinese in Jiangmen City.

Once upon a time, many people here went over the ocean to Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia and so on in the hope of seeking a better life. After made a lot of money, they returned to their hometown to build houses, villas and watchtowers. Liyuan Garden in Kaiping is the most famous one among many villas and also has been the beautiful scenic spot in Siyi Hometown of Overseas Chinese.

Liyuan Garden was built in 25th year during Republic of China (1936) by Xie Weili who was an overseas Chinese in America. The layout of Liyuan was based on the “Daguanyuan Garden” depicted in the world-famous novel “A Dream of Red Mansion”. Liyuan Garden contains the art of classical architecture of Chinese gardens and also digests the architectural characteristics of villas which were very popular at that time. So Liyuan Garden is mingling with the East-West style and praised as Xiaoguanyuan (Small Garden).

There are a lot of artworks well preserved in the garden including some made by the folk artists during the end of Qing Dynasty such as large-sized color frescos, Ningpo varnish, woodcarving, ash carving, China statues and sanitary ware and water supply which were made in America with advanced technology.

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How to Get There?
You can take No. 4 bus in Kaiping City directly to the scenic spot.

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Opening Hours:
From 7:00am to 7:00pm

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