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Qianjiadong Scenic Area

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Qianjiadong is a natural scenic area integrating limpid water, beautiful waterfalls, spectacular caves, green mountains in thousands of postures and hot springs. Qianjiadong is composed of three basins, including the upper, the middle and the upper ones, with the area of 200 square kilometers. In the language of the Yao nationality, Qianjiadong of Jiangyong means the intermountainous small flatland where thousands of households live. Inside the area, there are 80,000 mu of primitive forests and 28 kinds of rare and precious animals under the state’s key protection. It is celebrated as the gene pool of flora and fauna resources of South China. Qianjiadong Scenic Area was ranked into the list of the provincial scenic area in the year 1998.

According to historical records, the ancestors of the Yao nationality inhabited Qianjiadong, living and working in peace and contentment. There was only one stone cavern entrance to the cavern. The cavern was embosomed by mountains all around, with fantastic rock peaks, pouring waterfalls and dense forests. Inside the cavern, the earth is fertile and there are wide fields, with a river going through it.

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