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Ancient Architecture

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In Jianshui, there are 135 historic landmarks and sites in total, including 2 under the state-level cultural relic protection, 9 under provincial cultural relic protection, 9 under prefecture protection and 43 under county protection. First of all, there is the famous government building of the Yi ethnic minority group, which has been celebrated as “a building that is so magnificent to glorify the southern border of China”. Secondly, there is the gorgeous Confucius’ temple, which was built in the Yuan Dynasty and is the 2nd largest temple in China. Thirdly, there is the great wooden architecture, Zhilin Temple, remaining the architectural style of the Song Dynasty and the Zhu’s Garden which has been celebrated as “the Grand View Garden in southwestern China” Fourthly, there is also Tuanshan architectural complex of traditional residences, which have been called “Yunnan’s Ancient City of Loulan” and the Yunbi Pagoda of the Qing Dynasty, which has been praised as “the best Chinese pagoda in the history” by professor Luo Zhewen. Fifthly, there is the Double-Dragon Bridge, which was one of China’s extant top ten old stone arch bridges, the well-preserved examination hall of the Qing Dynasty, and the Tianyuan Bridge and Yunlong architectural complex. All of these ancient architectures, which were ingeniously constructed, have great scientific, historical and artistic value.

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