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Fairland Fenglin Gorge

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Fairland Fenglin Gorge Scenic Area covers 50 square kilometers. Within the scenic area, the scenery is distinguishing and preeminent. The historic and cultural scene is rich in stuff, colorful, and valuable. The main scenic spots are Xiaogu Mountain, the Natural Statue of Chairman Mao, Laojun Pond, Calabash Island, Tianwang Rock, the Sleeping Beauty, and the Three Moon-reflected Ponds. We may safely say that it is a “splendid gathering of eminent people.” Although the area of Fenglin Gorge is relatively small compared with other mountains and waters in Jiaozuo, it is delicate and thought-provoking. Standing at the border of Fenglin Gorge, you may feel that you are lying on the deep arms of high valleys erecting on both sides of the river. Your eyes will be attracted by the blackish jade green which is rather eye-catching, and you may feel that you are appreciating a colored ink and wash and enjoying a solidified dream. It is a kind of unveiled beauty which seems penetrable but indeed hard to peek through. If we don’t know that we are at Fenglin Gorge, in Jiaozuo, it would be hard for us to believe that it is the mountains and waters in the North because its serpentine and tranquil circumstance, the misty environment of Xianren Island, the dignified carriage of “the Sleeping Beauty Viewing the Moon,” the wonderful artistic mood of Three Moon-reflected Ponds, and the luxuriant woods at both benches are the typical scenic features in the South. Maybe this is where Fenglin Gorge’s beauty lies. By visiting this scene area, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery typically in the South although indeed you are in the North. 

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Taking bus from Jiaozuo Tourist Bus Hub and you can reach there directly.

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Recommended Touring Time: one day

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