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Qunying Lake Scenic Area

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Qunying Lake Scenic Area is located at the front edge of Taihang Mountain with a total area of 25 square kilometers. It strides across Xiuwu County, BoAi County, and Jincheng City in Shanxi Province. The scenic spots within the scenic area is centralized and distributed in a balanced way. The rivers and lakes are deep and limpid; mountains and gorges are precipitous; cliffs and limestone caves spread all over; vagarious mountains and peculiar stones stand in great number. There are temples, aged trees, tablelands, lawns, jungles, flowers, and various wild animals and plants. There are also multitude of historic sites and myths and legends. Besides, the grand spot, the highest masonry dam lies in the scenic area. We may safely say that it is a “splendid gathering of accomplished people.” With the intermingling of each sightseeing spot, the beautiful and quite environment, and green hills and limpid waters, it is indeed a rare fabulous scenic area. The dam scenery, Qunying Dam is the highest dam in China with the height of 100.5 meters. With great momentum and pleasing pattern, the dam towers aloft among high mountains and gorges. It was displayed at the International Dam Conference and GTF in the form of pictures.

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Taking bus from Jiaozuo Tourist Bus Hub and you can reach there directly.

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Recommended Touring Time: one day

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