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Yuntai Mountains

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Yuntai Mountain Scenic Spot, the world geological park, lies in Xiuwu County of Jiaozuo city in Henan Province with a total area of about 55 square kilometers. It is 35 kilometers away from Jiaozuo city. It includes seven major sightseeing spots; they are Xiaozhai Valley, Laotan Valley, Wenpan Valley, Zifang Lake, Zhuyu Peak, Baijia Peak, and Wanshan Temple. Totally, there are over 100 sightseeing spots. Each spot is a complement of the other, and they match so well that the whole scenic area looks picturesque. No wonder it gains the name as the national key scenic area and the national geological park. Yuntai Mountain is called a wonder for its mountains and water. The green hills and pure water set each other off beautifully at Xiaozhai Valley. Waterfalls and running spring interweave with each other. Walk every three steps, there is a spring; a waterfall every five steps; and a deep pond every ten steps. They look like moving pictures and sound like pulsating music. Yuntaitian Waterfall stands erect at the end of Laotan Valley, and is the representative of it. The vertical drop reaches 314 meters. When the gigantic water screen drops from the height reaching to the sky and pounds stones, it looks so grand and magnificent as if it were the Yangtze River and the Yellow River being hanging upside down. It is called as the highest waterfall in China. In Wenpan Valley, the hill is red and the water is green. It is tranquil and beautiful as well as grand with sheer rising of cliffs. Its delicacy reveals its elegancy, and its magnificence flashes its mystical image. It is contracted world of mountains and water and magnified artistic bonsai. Among the numerous valleys in China, it blazes its own path with its delicate, elegant, and magnificent scenery.

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Take coach at Jiaozuo Railway Station and it takes you there directly. The ticket fare is 18Yuan per person. From 5:20a.m. to 10.20p.m., there is a coach heading there.

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Recommended Touring Time: one to two days

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