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Mount Mian

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Mt. Mian (generally called Mountain Jie), located 1.5km from the Xingdi village of Jiexiu, belongs to the cordillera of Taihang Mountain, which is in the southeast of Jiexiu, 20km from the town. The top of the mountain is 2440m above sea level. The grand and rugged cordillera extends hundreds of miles, which has been known as a tourist resort since ancient time. For thousands of years, a continuous stream of visitors have been here to enjoy its scenery and literary allusions, including the Abdomen-Encircling Cavern, Honeycomb Spring, Royal-Aunt Cavern and hundreds of other grottos. There are also plenty of temples of different religions, Such as the White-Cloud Nunnery, the Guangyan Temple, Yunzhong Temple, Shigu Temple, the Dragon-King Temple and the Hall of Ksitigarbha.

After climbing 2.5km vertical stone steps, you could get to the Dragon-Head Temple, which is located on the hillside of the mountain. The road becomes deeper and deeper, serene and precipitous. The scenery becomes dimly discernible, partly hidden and partly visible. Peaks stand erectly, fancy stones confront each other.

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