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Royal Aunt Cavern

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Royal-Aunt Cavern is located 5km northwestern of the Abdomen-Encircling Cavern. According to the legend, the Royal-Aunt Cavern was the place where the aunt of the King Taizong in the Tang Dynasty practiced Buddhism after her entering into religion. Keep going down on the stone steps, the Chessboard Cave is at the side of the road. There are some Buddhist statues dating from the Tang Dynasty in the cave. Besides, the jrecord of Abdomen-Encircling Temple of ancient Fenzhou was inscribed on a tablet, dating from Kaiyuan period of the Tang Dynasty. Plenty of inscriptions of several dynasties could be found there.

The most noticeable is the inscription of He Zhizhang, who was a famous poet and politician in ancient China. In his hundred-character’s article, he applauded the wonder and ruggedness of Mianshan racily. Passing the Dragon-Head Temple, you could get to the Fengru Spring. The lofty and steep peaks make people fill dizzy. The spring rocks are like pendulous breasts, covered by lichens. Spring water continuously drops, just like falling pearls without string, dropping into the under pool. The water in the pool is clear and limpid, which could make you feel mentally refreshing if you drink it.

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