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Zhangbi Ancient Castle

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The Zhangbi Ancient Castle is located in the Zhangbi village of the Dragon-Phoenix Town, 10km southeastern of Jiejiu City. The castle is backing on Mianshan, facing the green field, rising1040 meters above sea level. The acreage of the castle is 120,000 square meters. There are two gates at the northern and southern ends and a street with the length of 300 meters in the center extending upward. Ancient residences on the two sides of the street and several temples with magnificent color-glazed covers in the castle make the castle quaint and elegant.

Most of the ancient constructions in Zhangbi Ancient Castle are splendid and magnificent, dating from the Ming and Qing dynasties. The most famous one is the palace of the Kongwang Buddha in the Ming Dynasty, which has three halls, dramatic murals and vivid statue of Kongwang Buddha.

The roof of the hall was decorated by three-color glaze, in exquisite cutting technique and breathing images. Color-glazed tablets are veritable treasures, with peacock-blue body, black characters and top with dragons in green and yellow playing with pearls. Two sides of the tablet are decorated with blue-black decorative patterns of dragons and flowers.

The story about the Kongwang Buddha’s arduous experience of Buddhism practicing was recorded on the eastern side while the story of palace construction was recorded on the other side. Besides, there are several other temples in the castle, including the Zhenwu Temple, Sandashi Temple, Temple of god with inlaid eye, Temple of Guanyu, Prosperity Temple and Khan temple. More fancy is a locust- Encircling in exuberance dating from the Song Dynasty, which add more interest to the castle.

Although the total acreage of the Zhangbi Ancient Castle is only 120,000 square meters, it had completed city appearance, including urn city (barbican), bell and drum towers, consummate water-supply system, opera stage, political and cultural center and religious palaces. All of these make Zhangbi Castle a small city instead of a traditional castle.

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