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Chenghuang Temple

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The Chenghuang Temple was first built in the Southern Song dynasty and then destroyed. It was rebuilt in the 2nd year of the Hongwu Reign of the Ming Dynasty (1369 A.D.). There are the Sanshan Gate, the Bai Pavilion, the Main Hall, the Yangsheng Pool, the Stone Arch Bridge and the Madame Hall. The walls of the main hall are just used for defending and do not support the weight of the roof. Because of the special design, the wooden Frames survived several earthquakes while the walls collapsed. The carvings on the pillars are vigorous and vivid with simple lines. The building of the temple is of typical local architecture style in the Ming dynasty.

 Shuangfeng Temple is one of the three most famous Buddhist temples in Chaoshan (east Guangdong) region. The other two are Chaozhou Kaiyuan Temple and Chaoyang Lingshan Temple. Shuangfeng Temple is built in Lianhuaxin (lotus’ heart), Dongshan, Rongcheng District, Jieyang. It was first built in 900 years ago in Dushaung Mountain, Panxi, and later moved to the current site. There are two steles in Shuangfeng Temple: one with a Chinese character “longevity” in it, which was carved by a famous person Chen Tuan several thousand years ago and was copied and carved in many other places in the country; the other stele has Chinese character “tiger”. Best time to visit the temple is when the sun sets and birds are busy home coming, and the monks are doing their evening prayers. One can feel free as if is standing aloof from worldly affairs

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There are a lot of bus lines which can take you straight to the Chenghuang Temple.

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