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Confucian Temple

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Discovering more about the culture and society in Guangdong Province is easier after seeing the Jieyang Confucian Temple. This is an artistic temple which is found in Jieyang, Guangdong Province. Because of its majesty, it is now considered as among the most impressive attractions in the province.

How come a lot of people are impressed and overwhelmed by the Jieyang Confucian Temple? It is because, this place exudes so much beauty. To top it all off, it also echoes the rich culture, history and religion of people in Jieyang.

A trip to the Jieyang Confucian Temple is fulfilling not just because of the impressive sights. It is also an experience which can enrich the soul. It is also very educational so the time that kids and adults would spend on this place is totally worth it.

During the ancient Jieyang times, this temple was considered as the highest-class institution for higher learning. The initial construction of the Jieyang Confucian Temple was done during the 10th year of the Shaoxing Reign. This was during the Song Dynasty.

Things To Do

A walk around the Jieyang Confucian Temple is an unforgettable experience because the beauty of this place is quite overwhelming. The mere façade is already worth a thousand photos. It is beautifully decorated with ancient Chinese architecture, with the curved balances and strong combination of rich red and deep greens. The roof is also made of traditional Chinese shingles which give it a very rustic appeal.

The entrance is made even more captivating because of the towering pillars which support the front ceiling. These pillars have intricate carved designs which also resonate the amazing artistry of Chinese. To make the entrance even more majestic, tourists would need to climb several steps of the great stairs to be able to reach the main door

All in all, the Jieyang Confucian Temple is a mimicry of the style which is used only for palaces. It has high ceilings and grandiose decorative elements. That is why, this place seems really fitting for royalty.

There are several main sections which tourists can explore when they visit the Jieyang Confucian Temple. Among which are the Lingxing Gate, Screen Wall, the Ban Pool, the Pan Bridge, the Dacheng Gate, the East Side Room, the West Side Room, the Dacheng Hall and the Chongsheng Ancestral Temple. Though there is a unifying aesthetic theme which goes on for the rest of the temple, each of these main sections offer a different look. There is always something new to discover as one goes inside each part of the Jieyang Confucian Temple.

Though the Jieyang Confucian Temple is known as a tourist attraction because of its splendor, this also serves as home for a lot of historical items and cultural artifacts. This is regarded by the provincial government with high artistic value too. In the Dacheng Hall, tourists would be able to see some of the tablets which are hung on the wall. These are created by the emperors of various ancient dynasties. There are also several statues which can be seen around the Jieyang Confucian Temple. In total, there are 12 statues of revered Chinese philosophers. Of course, the statue of Confucius is situated right at the middle of the main hall.

Since the place is tattered by Chinese calligraphy and signage, it would be a good idea to have a tour guide who can assist and interpret things as the guests go around the temple. That way, every single minute would be filled with more knowledge and it would be easier to appreciate the entirety of this place.

Solo Adventure Tips:


 Jieyang, Guangdong Province

How to Get There?

Take bus no. 1 from the main streets of the city

Ticket Price:


Opening Hours:

 Tuesdays to Sundays, 9:00 am to 4:30 pm.

More Tips:

The tour of the entire place takes about half a day. To be able to have in-depth exploration of all the sections, an entire day would be most ideal.

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