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Dragon Pool Waterfall

Last updated by chinatravel at 2015/11/8

The Dragon Pool Waterfall is located in the northwest of nanshan Town, Jiexie County. There are two Dragon Pools-the Upper Dragon Pool and the Lower Dragon Pool.

 The Upper Dragon Pool is located on the upper reach of the Dragon Pool River. It’s not far away from Tiaohe Village. So, it’s called the “Tiaohe Dragon Pool” or “Dragon Pool Hole”. At the upper Longtan, stones stand like walls. Water falls straightly down to a deep stone pool with a drop of nearly 60 meters. It throws up pearl- like drops of spray. It makes loud sounds like thunders. The stone pool is bottomless. The Lower Dragon Pool is in the north of Tianxin Village. It’s also called “the Xintian Dragon Pool”. It’s 2 kilometer away from the Upper Dragon Pool. Water falls about 40 meters to the pool. It rushes down from stone slots, forming a water curtain which is one hundred meters high. The pool water under the cliff is dark blue. It’s bottomless. The waterfall here has a curious phenomenon: It is coming to rain after couples of sunny days; it’s coming to be sunny after couples of rainy days.  The waterfall moans loudly.  The sound can spread as far as 10 miles. Local people called it “Loud Sound Renting the Air”. Around the waterfall are trees and picturesque sceneries. It’s quite and pleasant. The Dragon Pool Waterfall is a good place to take a summer holiday.

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Take a bus to Nanshan Town, and then take a minibus to Tiaohe Village. You can look for the Dragon Pool Waterfall by yourself. It’s on the upper reach of the river.

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