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Guandi Temple

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The Guandi Temple is also called the “Wu Temple”. It’ located in the Tianfushi Street, North Gate, Rongcheng. Jieyang people built this temple in honor of Guan Yu, a general in ancient China. He was famous for being faithful to his king and friends. For hundreds of years of evaluation, the layout of the Guandi Temple was fixed finally in the Repbulic of China. The roof of the main hall has nine ridges and double eaves. It’s decorated with clay sculpture and embedded porcelains. Its workmanship is exquisite. There is an Eight-Diagram-shaped decoration curved on the ceiling of the antehall. It’s the sole extant decoration in Jieyang. The wall of the roofless inner courtyard is inscribed with the record that Ding Richang sent a petition to Ci Xi and Emperor Guangxu bestowed gifts to the temple. The copper wine vessel with three legs and a loop handle which has been lost and the copper turtle and crane which are stored in the Jieyang Provincial Museum now were originally placed in the temple. The opera stage in front of the temple is one of the two extant opera stages which were built in Qing Dynasty. Two pairs of couplets praising Guan Yu are hung on the columns of the hall of the temple. The names of some persons related to Guan Yu are cleverly quoted in one pair. Two most remarkable things in his life are described in the other pair. These two couplets are all included in the Chinese Couplet Dictionary. The building style of the temple not only cleverly integrates the pick of the culture of the Central Plains with that of West Guangdong in the Ming and Qing Dynasties but also has the distinctive feature of Chaoshan and Jieyang.

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You can take a taxi or bus in the downtown area to get to the Guandi Temple directly. It’s very convenient.

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