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Guizhu Garden

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The Guizhu Garden is quite and unique. There are a lot of trees in it.  Climb up the mountain along the steps and stop halfway. The Xianhu Ancient Temple is situated at the east side of the steps. There is a hall in the west. A natural huge stone is used as its roof. It can hold nearly one hundred people. It’s the Guizhu Garden Rock.  The legendary “Footprint of Celestial Being” is situated here. Walk about one hundred meters north from here and you can see the Tomb of Ding Richang. The Shuiliu River Reservoir is located on the west side of the tomb. It is surrounded on three sides by mountain. The water is so clear that you can see your reflection in it.  The Lotus Pavilion is halfway up the hill near the reservoir. Cross the pavilion and climb up the Tianluo Peak. You arrive at the Tomb of Jisan. His real name is Chen Shou. He is an upright official in the Yuan Dynasty. He died when he was in office. People buried his robe and boots here in honor of him. The Longzhuma Temple is about one kilometer north to the Liushui River. In it, spring continuously flows out from the Longquan Hole. The back mountain is covered with pines and bamboos. The Guizhu Garden is a magnet for visitors.

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You can charter a bus in the city and head for the Guizhu Garden.

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