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Puning’s geological structure is distinctive. Because Puning is located in the Chao’an-Puning fractured zone, Puning is rich in hot spring resources. There are 8 hot springs which have been found out. The Guolong hot Spring is located in Guolong village, Liangyuan Town. It’s divided into two. One is called the Soup Pool situated in the Tangyang Field, east of Guolong Village. The other is called the Soup Well situated in the new residential district, west of Guolong Village. The Meilin Hot Spring is located by the river in Meixing Village, Meilin Town. The Tangtou Hot Spring is by the river in Tangtou Village, Shipai Town. The Xiaying Hot Spring is beside the sands in the northeast of Xiaying Village, Gaopu Town. The Sankeng Hot Spring is in the Sankengxia Reservoir in Dananshan. The Tangkeng Hot Spring is by the river in Tangkeng Village, Xiajiashan Town. The Liusha Hot Spring spreads all over in the terrane which is over 200 meters under the ground in Liusha Town. The China Travel Agency of Puning was the first one who developed hot spring. Later, the Yueqiaolian Mansion, the BaishaLong Hotel and the Nanyuan Hotel developed and utilized hot springs successively. It’s said that hot spring has the function of curing bad health and improving skin. When you come here, you are fortunate enough to soak in hot springs.  

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There are a lot of buses which will take you to the hot springs in different parts of the county in the county town.

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