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Jieyang has advantageous geographical location. It has been a distributing center of East Guangdong, South Jiangxi and West Fujian. It enjoys convenient transportation on land, water and air. It’s an important transportation hub. It holds a prominent place in Guangdong’s transportation.


The Shantou Airport is only one hour from downtown area. The Chaoshan Airport is located in Paotai town, Jiedong County.

Jieyang Tourist Air Line

Address: Rongcheng District

Telephone: 8623634

Jieyang Agency of Shantou Station of CAAC

Address: Room 104 on the 1st floor of the administrative building of the municipal government of Jieyang

Telephone: (0663)8768001


Guangzhou -Meizhou-Shantou Railway runs across Jieyang with a length of 42 kilometers.

Jieyang Railway Station

Address: Dongshan District, Jieyang

Telephone: 8222140


National Highway 206 and 324 run across Jieyang. Shenzhen -Shantou Highway runs across Jieyang with a length of 66.4 kilometers.

Jieyang Bus Station

Address: The Rongdong Agency in Zhongcuoyang Village, Roncheng District

Telephone: 8776009

City Transportation

City Bus

Jieyang Traffic Administration Office

Address: Xinxing East Road, Jieyang, Guangdong

Telephone: 0663-8622571 

Jieyang Public Traffic Group

Address: No.14 Junction, Zhongcuoyang village, Rongcheng District

Telephone: 0663-8226140, 0663-8222339 


Puning Tianma Tourist Bus Limited Company

Address: At the east side of the building of the municipal government in the Luisha West Road, Puning City

Telephone: 0663-2248753 

Jieyang Public Traffic and Taxi Limited Company

Address: Opposite the Foreign Businessmen Club in Donghu Road, Jieyang City

Telephone: 0663-8619993


The traffic mileage of inner land rivers amounts to 369 kilometers. Rongjiang, a famous deep-water river in Guangdong, flows around Jieyang, through Shantou and into the sea.  It allows the passage of ships in the 3,000 to 5,000 ton class. People can directly get to Hongkong, Guangzhou , Shanghai and Shenzhen by ship. Rongjiang has many fine harbors like Shenquan, Jinghai, and Zishen.

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