Beishan Snow and Ice World

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The Beishan Snow and Ice World is a wonderful destination for adventure-seeking individuals and also for parents who would like to give their children an unforgettable experience. Though the place is packed with numerous visitors especially during the winter months, this is still perfect for relaxation and unwinding. There are no noisy vehicles to hear and the landscape is picturesque. 
The Beishan Snow and Ice World is located at the Beishan Park of Jilin City. The total area which is occupied by this tourist destination is 10 hectares. There are areas which are dedicated solely for skiers, both amateur and professionals. On the other hand, for those who are not up for this blood-rushing activity, they can also take some time to stroll around the place. 
The horizon is decorated by trees. Aside from that, it is also beautifully adorned by the cascading mountain slopes. During the winter months, the snow capped mountain becomes even more glorious. Though the leaves of the trees have fallen, they are still very pleasing to the eyes because of the glistening snow which are trapped between the branches. 

Things to Do 


The Beishan Snow and Ice World is a great destination because it caters to everyone who is interested with this sport. The total area for skiing is about 635 meters. This is divided into two lanes. The one is for those who have already learned expert skills for skiing. On the other hand, the second lane is dedicated for people who are still learning the tricks of the sport. 
For beginners, they can take the 80-meter field. This is a friendlier lane because it is shorter and the path is smoother. For professional skiers, there is the 206-meter long lane. This is suitable for those who are more confident about their skills because of its length. 
People who are up for some skiing adventure do not have to worry about a thing because the Beishan Snow and Ice World has state of the art facilities. The cable cars would take them to the peak where the lane starts. 

Walking Around

The Beishan Snow and Ice World knows that people go to this place not just to go skiing all day long. Hence, they also open the other areas for people who just want to enjoy the snow and have a leisurely walk. 
During the winter months, the walking paths are covered with snow and lined with trees. Because of the cold weather and the amazing view of the surroundings, this place will definitely give anyone the tranquility that they want. 


The Beishan Snow and Ice World also offer various shows for their visitors. They have scheduled shows and professional performers who are trained to provide an unforgettable entertainment for everyone. Among which include plow hauled by horses, snow motor cable skiing, skating, snow sled, snow peg-top and snow ladder. There are also shows which are specifically dedicated for the kids. Among which include the snow flying saucer and round plow. 


The Beishan Snow and Ice World is designed with amenities which will ensure that the stay of tourists would be a very enjoyable one. There is a club, area for bathing and rooms.  

Solo Adventure Tips:


Center of Jilin City, Jilin Province, China

How to Get There?

Take bus 7, 8 or 49 from Jilin City

Ticket Price:

RMB 10 per person for the entrance; For skiing the price is 100 yuan which is good for 2 hours

Opening Hours:

Open daily from 8:00am to 8:30pm

More Tips:

People who would like to visit the Beishan Snow and Ice World should bring proper clothing which will protect them against the cold weather. Allocate about three to six hours for skiing to be able to enjoy the slopes much more. 

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