Longtan Mountain Deer Farm

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With the beautiful scenery, Longtan Deer Farm is a national corporation that integrate feeding deer, trading and touring together. With its advantaged geographic location and convenient transportation, it covers an area of 380 hectares. Longtan Mountain Deer Farm has an amount of over 1000 deer stock on hand with an annual production of deer antler of about 750 kg.

The deer farm service department mainly sells the antler series production that is produced by this factory branded as “Longtan Mountain”, Such as: the antler of the spotted deer, three forks deer antler, beheaded deer antler; different specs antler pieces, deer antler powder, deer heart, common red ginseng; different kinds of ginseng pieces, frog oil, Changbai Mountain never old grass; glossy ganoderma series of cordial wine and cosmetics. The products are famous for “reputation, excellence, newness, specialty, purity and low price”.

The “Sanbao Garden” provides an admirable “northeast Sanbao” for tourists from home and abroad. You can enjoy the leaves, stem, flower and fruits of the ginseng; and some rare animals such as: reindeer, mink, fox and pheasant, etc.

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How to Get There?
You can take No.43 bus at the train station to get there.

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Opening Hours:
8:00 –17:00

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Longtan Mountain Deer Farm is one of the national scenic spot that is assured by National Travel Office. It is the biggest deer farm with the longest history of feeding spotted deer in the southeast of China.

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