North Mountain Park

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The North Mountain Park is a location that continues to attract tourists from other parts of China as well as foreigners from different countries. This is a place which has a very simplistic look but the beauty of nature that surrounds it is absolutely jaw-dropping. 
Aside from how the North Mountain Park pleases the eyes of people, this place also contributes a lot in the history of Jilin. It was built in 1924 during the time that Chang Ji-Lin Ren was reigning. He is a notable Manchurian warlord. 
The North Mountain Park is a recommended place to visit for families. This will not only allow them to have some relaxing time together but will also open up their eyes when it comes to the rich heritage of the place. 
The North Mountain Park covers an area of 10,000 square meters. The climate here is impressive too because of its high location. Even during the summer months, dropping by this place is also a great way to avoid the scorching heat in other locations. It is situated at 270 meters altitude so it is always cool and breezy all year round. 

Things to Do 

Exploring History

There are many historical spots to see in North Mountain Park. Walking around this place makes it obvious that this location played an important role in history. There is a bridge which is directly associated with Emperor Kangxi. Another one which should be highlighted is the tablet which has an engraving. It is where inscribed poetry can be found. This poem refers to the Songhua River. 

Enjoying the Scenic View

The North Mountain Park is the perfect place for a day trip. The place is abundant with greeneries which could soothe the tired mind and body. One notable aspect in this place is the Wobo Bridge. This serves as the partition between the lake, designating the west and the east part. Walking along this area is a great idea especially during the summer months. The water of the lake is filled with endearing water lilies which add brilliant colors to the surroundings. 
Though North Mountain Park is bursting with so much natural beauty, this place is also further enhanced by man-made accents like kiosks and other resting places.

Religious Markers

The North Mountain Park is more than just a park. It is a place where several ancient temples can be found and some can be dated to decades back. Although these temples are not that big, the architecture that is used for each can still be a very interesting sight. It is actually quite astounding that this place has become the meeting point of different religious sects like Buddhism, Confucianism and Taoism. 

Ancient Architecture

There are plenty of captivating sights which visitors could see along the way if they opt to walk around the North Mountain Park. Among the ancient structures which are seen here are Emperor Guanyu Temple, Kanli Palace, King Medicine Temple and Jade Emperor Pavilion. Though some of these are not accessible for tourists to enter, merely witnessing the laborious design and intricate façade of these structures is impressive enough. 

North Mountain Temple Fair

This is an event which is held during the fourth lunar month. During this time, locals take time to prepare for the festivity.  This is an occassion which is dedicated for God worshipping. It is a special time which entails dancing, food preparation and merry-making. When visitors go to the North Mountain Park, they would have the opportunity to join in the fun of the event.  

Solo Adventure Tips:


Located in the center of downtown Jilin

How to Get There?

Take the train to the Changchun Railway Station which is in Jilin City; Buses leave the city to the park daily.

Ticket Price:

Opening Hours:

More Tips:

Visiting the North Mountain Park during the summer and autumn months is most recommended since the climate is friendlier. 

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