Songhua Lake

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The water of Songhua Lake is derived from the second Songhua River of Changbai Mountain. It is formed by the water which is held up by the Fengman water power dam. Songhua Lake is as wide as 480 square km and as long as over 200 km. The lake has a narrow and long shape which is 10 km wide upside and only half a km downside, winding along the mountains all the way. The Songhua Lake is as deep as 70 meters which can hold 1.1 billion steres water. It is also reputed as one of the biggest manmade lakes in China.

The surrounding mountains are painted light yellow and the lakes are dotted with white sails. The green seems to drip from the mountains and the green water appears graceful, the mountains are painted with five colors and the lake products are a feast for eyes. The surrounding forests are luxuriant and dense distributed with more than 600 kinds of plants and abundant wild animals. The lake is also abundant in fishes which are mainly famous for white fish and crucian. The biggest winter sports training center- Green Mountain Skiing Ground is located here. Songhua Lake is the national scenic resort which is ranked as the most important exploited lakes together with Tai Lake and Dongting Lake.

The principal parts are the water, forest and mountain which have the beauty of both Yellow Mountain and Li River. In winter, the thinned peaks are wrapped with snow and ice which looks as pure and chaste as jade, making people enjoy the landscapes of the North at one glance. The world famous rimed trees is praised as one of the four natural wonders in China (even in such extremely cold winter, the lake water will not freeze with mirages besprinkled on the surface of the river).

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It will take you 30 to 40 minutes from the Jilin train station by special line bus.

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1. The best travel time is summer. When you go upstream by boat, you can feel the gentle breeze kiss your face. Except summer, you can enjoy different kinds of beautiful sceneries in different seasons. 2. The mountain forest is teemed with ginseng, Fructus Schisandrae Chinensis medicinal materials. And there are special products such as: wild grapes, wild walnut, filbert, mushroom, etc. the fish products in Songhua Lake are also very rich, such as: white fish, carp, crucian, Bianhua fish etc. The white fish is flat, long and delicious which is reputed as the supremacy in Songhua Lake. Eating the fish dish, traveling the Songhua Lake, drinking the fish soup will be a big enjoyment.

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