The Meteorite Museum

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For individuals who have the keen interest about heavenly bodies, then a visit to the The Meteorite Museum in Jilin, China would be a really exciting one. This is also perfect for parents, who would like to enrich the knowledge of their children when it comes to science and astronomy. 
All thanks to this museum, a lot of people are able to explore astronomy more closely, especially because occurrences such as meteor showers and celestial developments do not happen everyday. A few decades back¸ people easily get scared when irregular sightings appear in the sky, thinking that these are curses from heaven or dangerous bombings. Today, with the amount of information which can be obtained by visiting The Meteorite Museum, more and more people become knowledgeable. 

Things to Do 

When visiting the The Meteorite Museum, one has to be prepared to be amazed by the items in the exhibit area, especially the large-scale meteorite. The museum is a place that is dedicated specifically for showcasing these celestial bodies so that other people would have the opportunity to see them with their own eyes. Walk around the museum and check out the other photos, videos and glass-enclosed items which tell a lot of stories. The most amazing thing is that these are things which are backed up by science. 

Meteorite Number 1 of Jilin

The Meteorite Museum is packed with a myriad of items which are related to astronomy. However, it is still the Meteorite Number 1 of Jilin which remains as the highlight of this place. 
It was in 1976 when Jilin experienced a spectacular meteorite shower. This may be quite a fascinating view but a lot of people felt fear during this period because they were unsure about its cause. More importantly, they were anxious about their safety. 
This meteor shower was when the biggest meteorite in the world fell onto Earth. This is now currently exhibited in The Meteorite Museum. It weighs 1,775 kilograms and a section of the museum is dedicated for this one meteorite alone. True enough, personally witnessing its size and shape can be quite fascinating. 
Scientists and researchers have closely studied this huge meteorite. According to the results of their testing and analysis, its composition is closely similar to that of heavenly bodies between Mars and Jupiter. The meteor seems to be made up of matter which can be dated back to 4.6 billion years ago.
According to scientific studies, this meteorite has 40 kinds of minerals and 18 different elements. Scientists have also deduced that about 8 million years ago, this bumped against other planets before landing on earth. 
It is not just the Metorite Number 1 of Jilin which captivates the interest of visitors who go to The Meteorite Museum. There are also other items which are featured here which relates to astronomy. All in all, there are over 160 different meteorites that are displayed here. Each one has unique characteristics and composition. Aside from that, it is also amazing to see the different sizes.
There may be a lot of museums in the world but only a few feature meteorites, just like The Meteorite Museum. More importantly, the Meteorite Number 1 of Jilin can not be seen elsewhere. Hence, this is a place that is definitely worth visiting. 

Solo Adventure Tips:


Center of Jilin City, Jilin Province, China.

How to Get There?

Take bus No.3 from the railway station.

Ticket Price:

40 CNY

Opening Hours:

More Tips:

The entire tour around The Meteorite Museum can take about one to two hours. To be able to maximize the stay here, it is best to take some time to closely examine each meteor, especially because not too many museums across the globe have the same exhibit. 

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