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Jilin Food

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Jilin Featured Food:

Braise Old Bean Curd In Terrine

Usually, people like to eat bean curd that is tenderly cooked. While the Braise Old Bean Curd in Terrine is just the opposite which is famous for its old bean curd.You should have ingenuity to cook this dish. First, steam the bean curd to be in the beehive shape on flaming fire, cool for a while and dehydrate the water, sliced into pieces, and put them into the terrine together with sliced chicken, sea cucumber, ham, mushroom and the winter bamboo shoots to braise with slow fire. Add refined salt and monosodium glutamate to season the soup, till the bean curd is with a strong sapor, add some cooked peas and balm to turn onto a plate. This kind of dish is delicious and proper with its “old” bean curd.

Three Sets Of Bowl

The three sets of bowl banquet take venison, Bonasa bonasia and frog oil as its raw materials to be processed through 15 kinds of working procedures such as: burn, braise, stew and sauté ,etc. the banquet consists of more than 20 kinds of dishes which includes 8 cold dishes, 3 main dishes, 12 quick-fry dishes and soup assorted dish, etc. White Pork and Blood Large Intestine, gold sliced meat, Guandong braised fish and little Wotou are also included in this banquet. You can have a taste of this delicious dish in Qingxiangyuan Restaurant in Jilin.

Fuchun Garden Hot Pot

The Fuchun Garden Hot Pot enjoys a long and great reputation. It is characterized not only by the crude and cooked pork, beef, mutton and different kinds of delicacies and venison, seafood, but also by the refined “Pianhurou” which is produced through 7 working procedures: choose materials, barbecue, scrub, skillet, freeze and slice.

“Pianhurou” should be sliced into rolls, and turn into indention when put into the boiler, and add some seafood, venison and seasonings. Characterized by a savor of being fat but not greasy, it is tender, fresh and tasty.

Steamed White Fish

There are two ways of steaming white fish: in the advanced feast, people mainly drink the fish soup without salt, and the other way is to eat the fish. When steaming the fish, let the soup immerge into the fish to dry steam. The Songhua River especially the Songhua Lake is teemed with white fish. All the restaurants in Jilin can provide this kind of local cate for tourists here.

Ginseng Chicken

As the special rare cordial, ginseng is one of the three treasures in northeast China. The dish which is processed by Jilin ginseng and old hen is called Ginseng Chicken. The ginseng is lying in the chicken and the chicken is lying in the soup, beautiful and plump. If you often eat ginseng chicken, it can refresh you and be good for your head, make up your vigor and prolong your life.