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Jilin Food

Last updated by  at 2017/5/16

Jilin Featured Food:

Qingling Active Fish

Qingling Active Fish is reputed from the Qingling active fish “a street of food” in Jiaohe City. The way of doing it: kill the fresh carp and wash it clean, after fry it, add some local “Bahao” as its main seasonings, boil it with big fire, and braise with slow fire.

White Pork And Blood Large Intestine

The white pork and blood large intestine choose the waist short rib of pig as its raw material and process it through 5 working procedures. The sliced white pork is as thin as a piece of paper, with its fine and tender meat and a savor of being fat but not greasy. The blood large intestine is tender and tasty.

Water Lily Frog Oil

With two different tastes, the water lily frog oil is good in color, savory, sapor and shape. As the best dish in the banquet, it also has the function of nourishing “Yin”, curing weakness and cough.

Stewed Deer Antler With Three Delicacies Soup

The stewed deer antler with three delicacies soup takes deer antler, deer tendon and deer membrum as its main materials and assisted by soup stock and seasonings. If you drink the stewed deer antler with three delicacies soup frequently, it can refresh you and be good for your kernel and strengthen your bones and muscles.