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Jilin Local Products:


Jue, a kind of herbage plant, which blooms year after year, is mainly grew in the mixed coniferous and broad leave forest or the broad-leaved forest in Jilin District. JueCai, a famous green food, is also called YuyiCai, which can be used not only to make soup or stir-fry, but also soiled with salt or dry it for ordinary use.

Songhua Lake Wave Wood

With its changeable appearances and the unimaginable beauty, Songhua Lake wave wood is showing the hearty life force through the carving of the nature. And the Jilin City also sets up an art seminar for the Songhua Lake Wave Wood.

Bark Picture

There are bark pictures of birch and Yinzhi. The composition of bark pictures of birch is landscape painting and boundary painting which are carefully carved to have the effect of elegant color and carved high relief. The main raw material for making bark pictures of Yinzhi is the liver which through slice, match and stick to make different kinds of vivid and realistic works of birds and beasts

Songhua River Queer Stone

Songhua River Queer Stone is produced in Songhua River which is beautiful in naturalness, color, configuration and verve. It is not only a kind of artwork for traveling and shopping, but also of a very high value of collecting and enjoying.

Zhen Chicken

Zhen Chicken which is also called Bonasa bonasia is mainly produced in Jilin Area. The chicken is tender, white and delicious. It can be made into a number of different kinds of dishes through fry, quick-fry, toast, bake and braise, such as the quick-fry Flying Dragon and oil quick-fried Flying Dragon.

Jilin Colored Drawing Of Carved Calabash

The carved calabash is made of the locally produced calabash. It is carefully made through the procedures of skinning, painting, carving, polishing, staining, coloring and lacquering which is a special kind of travel keepsake of Jilin City.

Jilin Handiwork Colorful Drawing Of Woodcarving

The woodcarving is made of birch with the exquisite woodiness through handiwork carving. With a high value of collecting and enjoying, it is warmly welcomed by customers from occident, Southeast Asia, Africa and China.

Jilin Shops and Stores: