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Beihaizi Senic Spot

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Introduction of the scenic spot

There is Beihaizi Light Tower which is a provincial protected historical relic in Beihaizi Senic Spot. Besides, Wudang Moutain Temple is such powerful and magnificient that nothing could be better.

Beihaizi Senic Spot is mainly divided into five scenic zones;

(1)the Ancient Building Cluster Scenic zone. It is the built Beihaizi Park and its range and its function is to display the ancient building cluster with ancient towers as the main body. And the rest like the recreational establishments are gradually transferred to the amusement zone.

(2) The Folk-custom Displaying Zone. It is the street and the neighborhood that displays the folk-custom of south Gansu with dining and drinking instruments are built in. It is a folk residence street with the handcraft workshop, folk residence bazaar, folk holidays and other wedding customs and the travelers can be part of it. The integrated display hall displays the historical relics of Yongchang County and the local cultural corridor and flower bonsai. Liqian Cultural Yard is mainly responsible for the introduction to the historical revolution of the culture.

(3) The Water Activity Zone.  The Water Activity Zone mainly refers to Jinchuan Lake Scenic Zone and is located on the east part of the scenic zone and you can whiff on the lake or swim or boat leisurely on the lake. It is a relaxing place where you can enjoy a lot of amusements.

(4) The Tidal Flat Scenic Zone. This is a traveling spot with a larger area and there said to be one hundred springs here in the history here. Traveling in this scenic zone, you can appreciate the springs by walking as you like and it is really interesting to walk by the streamlet and around the springs. You can also walk along the established walking trail or trestle passing “single reciting spring”(the sound of the spring is like a single recitation of a poem), “appointment spring”(you can get water by means of man-made wood ladler and drink the clean spring water together with your friend) and “dust whisking spring”(the clean spring can clean away the dust on your face and you can have a new appearance, it is especially popular for the Buddha disciples to clean the dust and visit the Buddha temple). 

(5)Wudang Mountain Scenic Zone This scenic zone is mainly a mountain area for religious activities and you can visit Great Enlightening Temple there.


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How to Get There?
You can take a coach to Yongchang county in Jinchang railway station and then take a bus or taxi to Beihaizi Beauty Spot.

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Opening Hours:
8:00-18:00 Summer 8:00-20:00

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