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Hollow Canyon

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Introduction to the scenic spot

Hollow Canyon is a narrow but deep canyon with clean water flowing through the megaliths and their holes and the sound of the undercurrents can be heard even along the segments with no hollows.

In the Hollow Canyon, the mountains are covered with green pine trees all kings of rarely seen flowers are everywhere; the green grass and thick forest make people feel quietness and you will find no dust when you walk through with the green willow flying and colorful butterflies besides and singing birds and light wind. It is an experience with special fun to walk on the green lichen with dried timber along the road in the forest with slow pace. 

Somewhere in the mountains and waters of the Hollow Canyon is a smooth plain and it is a good place for tourists to rest, dine and hold group gam. It is a triangle place with two sides near the mountain and one side near the water. You can hear the sound of pine trees far away and the flowing water in the river and you can even see several strong and vigorous hovering on the stones from time to time, all which forms a vigorous sonata of the life in the world here. 

If we say that the most obvious feature of the Hollow Canyon natural scenic spot and the most unique charm lies in the its clear and elegant mountains and waters, the west river reservoir on its south end is the lovely big eye of this scenic spot. When the tourist walk forward along the canyon and see the clean mirror-like emerald green water with snow mountain, white cloud and idyllic sheep reflected inside, they will be suddenly refreshed.

The Big Horse Camp Plain where the Hollow Canyon is located is a ancient but vigorous oasis and it is where Yushi nomads browsed as early as Qin Dynasty and was occupied by the Hun in West Han Dynasty. Now there are still many historical relics around it, providing a good proof for its long history. The ancient beacon towers stand silently and look at each, the general building is still looking into the distance with canniness in the sunset shine and the narrow passes of Qilian Mountain are deep and rugged and full of brambles, all which attracts people who are interested in archaeological studies. The movie The Herdsman adapted from the novel Fresh and Spirit by Zhang Xianliang, with the romantic but bitter love story between Xu Lingjun and Li Xiuzhi attracts many people’s attention and people yearn towards this place. Later, other films like Tunhuang, Wencheng Princess, the Forbidden City Order in the Desert, Peaceful Times and the sunshine Canyon have entered into people’s mind with the jade like beauty and mystery of the grassland and all over the country. In this way, the Hollow Canyon, a quiet canyon on the plain with mysterious color has won a wide spread fame.     

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How to Get There?
If you were in the railway station, you can take NO.1 bus and change to NO.3 bus at the terminal, and then get off at Yuquan temper. If you were at Qincheng district, you can take NO.3 bus.

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Opening Hours:
08:30 to 20:00

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