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Liqian Ancient City Relic

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Introduction to the scenic spot

On the high base of beside the 312 National Highway at the south end of Yongchang city were lifted three crouan statues of ancient Romans and they looked into distance with deep emotion. The old man in the middle, with a Roman nose and curled hair, is dressed in ancient long gown while the female and male beside him have sturdy body, deep eyes and curled hair, easy to be recognized as people from the wet region. This is a monumental scenic spot specially made by the local government in December of 1994. 

The black granite stone in the front of the statue is carved with several words: Lixuan Past Meditation" and the black granite monument behind the statue is carved with the introduction to the scenic spot.

According to Biography of Chen Tang of the Book of the Han, Gan Yanshou, West Region Protector of Han and Vice Colonel Chen Tang led forces to suppress Chanyu, a branch of Hun in Zhizhi and fighted again them in the city of Zhizhi city (Kambul city in today's Kazakhstan), Chen Tang and his fellows found a vagarious army who resorted to scale battle array and shield battle array with about one hundred footmen and double-wood city strategy was used outside the city which was only used by the Roman army at that time.

By this, the historians decided that that was the remnant of a Roman army which was defeated in the Kabulai Battle and disappeared for 17 years. Since then, there started recording in the historical books about the setting Lixuan County at the foot of Qilian Mountain especially for the construction of ancient castles for the Roman prisoners.

And there is a "Lixuan Kiosk" in Zhelai Stockaded Village with a huge stone plate carved with "the end-result of the East Campaign Army of Rome". In 592 AD, Wen Emperor ordered that Lixuan County was integrated with Panhe County and the history of the establishment of Lixuan County was 628 years.

The center of the village on the left of the road of Laizhe Stokaded Village is where "Lixuan Site" was located and a monument erecting in the middle of the ancient city with "Lixuan Site" on the front and a monument writing telling the history and evolution of Lixuan County on the back. Now the remained ancient wall of Lixuan Site is no longer than thirty meters and no higher than three meters. A beautiful and resource prolific place called River Beach Village about ten kilometers away from Yongchang County in the west and it is also called the South Spring. There are more than twenty families of Roman descendants.  


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There are nonstop buses to Zhelai village in the urban district.

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