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Shandan Military Horse Breeding Farm

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Shandan military horse-breeding farm, on the north of Qilian Mountain and on the south of the Rhubard Mountain, with a plain coverage of about one million mu (a unit to measure area) is the base for browsing of the West Yellow River Aisle. It is endowed with fertile land and lush water and grass and is the place of the production of Chinese famous horse—Shandan Horse. Shandan military horse-breeding farm, with smooth hypsography and rich float grass, is green all over in the summer and golden yellow in the winter and is an ideal place for the multiplying and growing of horses. Ever since more than three thousand years ago, it is the place for horse breeding. Since West Han dynasty, with the local Mongolian Horses as the basis and the introduction of all kinds of fine horses from West Region, the well-known Shandan horses are fostered by means of hybridization. As a result, it became the lasting military horse breeding base of the emperor for many dynasties. Shandan horse, of proportional built, sturdy and burly, robust and intrepid, able to endure gruff breeding, with good adjustability and good speed and permanence, is good horse for both carrying and riding. There are about more than ten thousand horses now. Shandan military horse-breeding farm is endowed with charming and gentle scenery. After arriving at the Big Horse Camp, the tourists can head eastward for another 50 kilometers to the first field of the military horse-breeding farm and take part in riding tourism, camping, watching horse race and horsemanship and travel around other natural scenic spots there. It is also an ideal place of producing films of the north to the Great Wall. Since the shot and broadcasting of more than thirty movies and TV series here including The Herdsman, Meng Gen Hua, Wencheng Princess and Wang Zhaojun and so on, Shandan horse and the military horse-breeding farm have won a great fame and became an important movie making and tourist scenic spot.

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How to Get There?
There are touristry buses to the Shandan military horse-breeding farm in Jinchang station and Yongchang station.

Ticket Price:
60 Yuan/ person

Opening Hours:
Summer: 08:30 to 20:00; Winter and Spring 08:30 to 18:00.

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