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the Rhubard Mountain

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Introduction to the Scenic Spot

The Rhubard Mountain, with an east-west length of about 36 kilometers and a south-north breadth of 21 kilometers, covers an area of 765 square kilometers. The highest peak Momo Peak (so named as the top is very flat like a millstone, it is also called Maomao Peak) has an altitude of 3987 meters. 

The mountain is named as Rhubard Mountain because it is famous for its production of rhubard. Also named as Yanzhi Mountain, it is among the famous mountains recorded in the history. With exuberant woods and lush aquatic, it enjoys the compliment of "white snow on the Qilian side and green grass on the Yanzhi Side". There have been a lot of poets who had described the scenery of Yanzhi Mountain in the history. For instance, Wei Yingwu once wrote a poem with the form of Tiaoxiaoling: Hu horses are browsed on the foot of Yanzhi Mountain and they run in the sand as well as in the snow with horse; looking around here and then, they get lost in the endless grass of the plain.

The Rhubard Mountain has rivulets and springs flowing through and the pine trees are very thick. On the North Slope is located the temple built by General Ge Sjuhan in the Tang Dynasty with the line "Living on the Yanzhi Mountain, you can not feel the cold of the snow" by Li Bai. With green mountains and waters and unique peak, the "Sunny Mist on the West Peak" is among the eight views of Yongchang County.

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Gangu Elephant Moutain is 87 miles away from the railway station. You can get there either by coach or by train..

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