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Western Big River Mountain

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Introduction to the scenic spot

Western Big River Mountain is located in the Qilian Canyon in the southeastern part of Yongchang County. Its highest peak Cold Dragon Mountain has an altitude of 4442 meters and is covered with snow all year long and there is the creation of modern glacier there. The snow on the Heaven Mountain is among the eight ancient sceneries of Yongchang County. The "water diversion from Liu river to supply the Jin river” key project is the water diversion project with the highest altitude in Asia and has a tunnel of 8866 meters through the Cold Dragon Mountain and borders on North Sea Prefecture of Qinghai Province. The upper reaches of the West Big River covers an area of about 900 square kilometers and the Big Black Dragon Channel, the Small Dragon Channel, Male Phoenix Channel, Brain Frusta Channel and the Ancient Forest Channel are gathered the perverse channels and then into the West Big River Reservoir. And the Great Dam located in the middle reaches of the Western Big River, also named as Shangfang Stockaded Village, about 70 kilometers away from the town, is a reservoir with a volume of 68 million steres built in 1974 and to the north east of the reservoir is the Provincial protected site of Male Phoenix County.  

The mountains here are cragged and the forests are thick and it is endowed with lush grass, rarely seen animals. The sceneries of the spring are woven with that of the winter and a unique view is formed. It is a well known place for sunstroke preventing and traveling along the west bank of Yellow River. 

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There are nonstop buses in Shandan county to the Western Big River Mountain every half an hour.

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