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Manghe Natural Reserve

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General Information

Manghe nature reserve in Sanglin town, Yangcheng County of Shanxi province was established in 1983 with the sole purpose of saving the macaque species of monkey from extinction. The nature reserve occupies an area of about 5600 hectares and is the only area with karst landscape scenery in the entire east China region. 

Apart from the monkeys this nature reserve is also renowned for its diverse vegetation; over 870 plant species have been found here. This can be attributed to the suitable warm temperate continental monsoon climate experienced in the area. Manghe Reserve Park one of the best locations in Yangcheng to experience a serene countryside environment that has largely remained unaffected by human interference.


Since the area is found within the warm temperate zone the area experiences all the four distinct seasons and it rarely rains during the spring. Strong monsoon winds prevail during this period as a result drought may be experienced. Both summer and autumn experience heavy downpours while the winter is cool. For the nature lovers there are plenty of packages on offer within the reserve and all promising to give you a memorable adventure.  As mentioned above this reserve has karst scenery a feature that can be observed from any high point along the ten kilometer long calcified valley. There are also numerous other magnificent features to be marveled at which include the lofty Wangmang peak, waterfalls and rushing springs.

The major scenic spot is the Meng Shan also fondly referred to as the Dreamy Mountain by the locals. The peak is completely covered in cloud and fog throughout all seasons. Most tourists who visit the reserve stop by this spot and hike to the mountain top. Although physically draining hiking the mountain will enable you have a bird’s eye view of the adjacent smaller mountains and the pristine pine and cypress trees that denote the vegetation. Besides this the scenic area boasts of some of the world’s rare vegetation species like Yew and Sandals, which not only cover the place with a mysterious veil but also, they are fascinating to look at.

In addition to the lovely macaque monkeys the reserve is also a habitat to animals such as leopards, black butterflies, giant salamanders, golden eagles and many more that are seldom found in China. The reserve is also regarded as a bird watching haven and you can actually listen to birds singing from the treetops anywhere in the reserve. The lotus peak and the water screen cave are some of the other areas that you should not conclude your tour before visiting. Jade ponds are found in abundance in both of these areas. The tour to Manghe nature reserve would also be incomplete without a tour to the Bridge of Immortals, an area that has been closely associated with a number of ancient myths and folktales. At Manghe you will surely be enchanted with nature.

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Located in the small town of Sanglin Yangcheng County.

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Tourists can take bus here from Yangcheng County.

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Recommended Length of Traveling: One day

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