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Jincheng Overview

Introduction  to  the  city

Jincheng, called Zezhou in ancient times, is one of the early developed areas in China and is one of the cradles of the brilliant Chinese culture. It is rich in natural resources and has given birth to a great number of celebrities in Chinese history.

Jincheng has been famous for its abundant natural resources, there are all kinds of natural resources both on and under the ground. Underground natural resources include a dozen of mineral resources, such as coal, coal-bed gas, crystal etc. It is not only the habitat of those rare and precious animals such as macaque, giant salamander etc, but also an arboretum that contains hundreds of precious vegetation.

Jincheng is abundant in tourism resources. It is worthwhile to visit the ancient architectures and folk houses which is regarded as humane tourist resources and the natural scenery for which the majestic Taihang Mountain as a fine example. At present, more than 2500 ancient architectures scattered in different locations in the city, 115 of them are state level, provincial level, city level key cultural and historical sites under government protection. Most of those architectures are well preserved with good community structure and many attached cultural relics, also they have wonderful surroundings.

City Phone Code: 0356

Zip Code: 048000

Nationality: Han, Hui etc

Administrative Divisions: Jincheng District, Gaoping County, Zezhou County, Yangcheng County, Qinshui County and Lingchuan County

Top Things to Do in Jincheng

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