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Chaibuxi National Park in Wufeng autonomous county

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Chaibuxi national park is a typical gorge scenic resort. There are dense stone forests and cliffs at the two sides of the gorge. In 1996, the resort was authorized as the national forest park. The whole park has the area of 60 square kilometers or so. There are three service areas, four sightseeing areas (Tanzikou spot, Dawankou spot, Jiaokou spot, Duanshankou spot), and one ecological species protection area, with total 131 national landscape spots. In the forest, there are over 10 rare species of trees, which are in danger of extinction, and some national first class protection animals, such as Black Muntjacs, Leopards, giant salamanders, etc.

The charming spots in Chaibixi resort are mainly characterized in its gorge and stream. There are unique shapes of peaks, dense trees and beautiful waterfalls at the side of the gorge. Cliffs and stone forest, silent valley and clear stream, primitive ecology, and customs of Tu minority are the main tourist types in Chaibuxi national park. The fantastic hills and deep valleys form a unique natural spots of “wonder, precipice, elegance, silence, and wildness”.

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How to Get There?
1)Start at Yichang bus station to Wufeng autonomous county. The bus starts every half hour, with 38 RMB. 2)There are cars direct to Chaibuxi National Park at Jiumatou bus station, with 55 RMB at normal times, but 70 RMB at spring transportation times.

Ticket Price:

Opening Hours:
9:00 to 17:00.

More Tips:
1.Chaibuxi is the compact community for Tu Minority. Therefore, visitors can appreciate the folk buildings and folk customs of Tu Minority, such as Diaojiao Building, weaving brocades, marriage customs, funeral dancing, Nanqu songs, etc. 2.Recommended visiting hours: The whole day.

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