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Dakou National Forest Park

Last updated by chinatravel at 2016/4/28

The national park was built in 1992, with the area of 63333.33 hectares. The vegetation rate of the park is 90.3%. The park belongs to the subtropical monsoon climate. The main landform in the park is the low hills, among which the highest altitude is 65.4 meters.

There are rich animals and plants resources in the park. It is investigated that 55 kinds of wild animals are now in the park, among which the leopards, white mandarin ducks, Chinese Pangolins, Cuon alpinus, Lutra ultras, white cranes, etc, over 8 animals are listed as the national protection animals. Besides, there are 438 kinds of woody plants, among which 12 kinds of them are the rare plants, such as water firs, maidenhair trees, firs, peaches, eucommias, Chinese Ashes, etc.

There are four scenic areas, such as Tianxi scenic area with nine steps, Yuntaiguan scenic area, Yingzidong scenic area and Liumenkou scenic area. Besides, there are also 17 spots in the park. The waterfall of Yingzidong cave is 6 meters wide, and with the drop of 36 meters. The waterfall looks like a silver curtain hanging down from the above. Over 100 caves lie at the side cliff of the waterfall, which look like a huge honeycomb. Each of the caves connects together. It is very amazing for people to visit. The scenery of the waterfall and caves is accredited as the “splendid scenery in Jianghan”. The water in the stream is very clear. Tianxi stream with nine steps is 6.2 to 9.6 meters in width. It is divided into 9 steps. And that’s the reason why the stream calls Tianxi Stream with nine steps. The largest drop of the stream is 25 meters. Therefore, Tianxi stream looks like a white silk belt through the valley.

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Get there by taking a special tourist bus.

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8:30 to 17:00

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Recommended visiting hours: Half day.

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