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Driftage on Mandarin duck Stream

Last updated by chinatravel at 2015/11/4

The Mandarin Duck Stream originates one section of the Bailongchi River of Dahongshan Mountain, which is 6 kilometers far from the Dafushui river at Shuangqiao village to Guanyin pool at Lulinji town. The water in the stream is very clear. Many types of vegetation grow at the sides of the stream. Visitors can take a pneumatic boat to be drifting on the zigzag stream. During drifting, visitors can also enjoy the charming sceneries besides the two sides of the stream at the same time. There is a drop with 5 meters high in the stream. When drifting from there, visitors can’t help enjoying the exciting moment. Along the stream, there are over 10 spots, such as Longmentan pool, Langshiwan bay, Jiangechi pool, Yushuiyan cave, lovers’ pool, the mandarin duck stream, Chongxia valley, the Toad pool, Guanyin pool, etc. The mandarin duck stream also calls “landscape corridor with 5 kilometers long”, because there left a poem about the stream from the famous writer Zhang Changying, “ 一江流水千幅画, 斩浪劈波闯天涯. 山环水绕生险趣, 风景人生添佳话”. Guan Guangfu, the formal provincial sectary, wrote an inscription for the mandarin duck stream: 绿林鸳鸯溪,鄂中第一漂, which means it is the best place for drifting on the mandarin duck stream among the areas of Hubei province.

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How to Get There?
It takes 3.5 hours to get there from Wuhan city.

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Opening Hours:
9:00 to 17:00.

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Recommended visiting hours: Half day.

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