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Jingmen Museum

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Jingmen Museum is the one which takes tasks for the construction and development of historical and cultural relics, natural science and archeology from Shayang, Dongbao and Duodao areas. The museum has already collected about ten thousand historical and cultural relics and specimens. Among those, there are some national level treasures. The first ancient woman body from the Warring States Period was unearthed at Guojiagang village; Chujian Dictionary, one of the dictionaries of the Qin Dynasty, was unearthed at Guodian village; the silks excavated from Chu Tombs at Guojiagang village were another silk treasure after the silk treasure from Jiangling Tomb, etc. Jingmen Museum also collects ten scripts or copies of relics from Baoshan Chu Tomb and historical and cultural exhibition, which top No. 1 of China’s national treasures. Those are: the Painting of “Ying Bin Chu Xing”, the earliest lacquer painting in China; the biggest wooden image with a sword; the earliest wooden folding bed unearthed at Baoshan; the earliest and most delicate colored mirror; the unique copper sword of King Yuewang; the unique cups with mandarin duck shape; the biggest phoenix image; the most delicate utensil of Chu; the most magnificent copper lamp in early China, etc. Besides, there are also some exhibitions of special topics with local customs. It is very convenient to get to the museum. Therefore, it is a good place for people to visit and study.

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How to Get There?
Get there by taking a bus or a taxi.

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9:00 to 17:00.

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Recommended visiting hours: Half day.

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